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Updating the Plan to Reflect the Needs of Our Community

2006 Strategic Plan Guide Cover 2014 Strategic Plan Guide Cover

With growing demands and shrinking resources, it is important to focus our community’s resources behind a common vision. In 2006, the municipality undertook a community-based consultation process which included significant input from residents, businesses, community organizations and staff that resulted in the collection of vision, goals and actions that directly reflected the values of this community. From this, four strategic goals evolved, providing the framework for “Shaping Our Future: Brantford’s Community Strategic Plan.” Goals established were:

  1. 1. Economic Vitality & Innovation
  2. 2. High Quality of Life & Caring for All citizens
  3. 3. Managed Growth & Environmental Leadership
  4. 4. Excellence in Governance & Municipal Management

Today, these goals continue to reflect the needs and vision of our community and will be used to assist Council in setting priorities and utilizing resources during the remainder of their term through to 2018. Strategic actions have been proposed that would continue to work towards our community’s long term desired outcomes.

Our updated strategic plan continues to brings focus and unite the community as we work together to build a vibrant 21st Century City. It continues to create connections and respond to our community while remaining flexible, so we can anticipate and adapt to changes and pressures that are happening locally, in the region and even globally.

Community Involvement

Making our vision a reality depends on the implementation of the strategic actions that allow us to achieve the goals set. To realize this, the strategic plan requires a commitment from the entire community including City Council, staff, residents, businesses, partners, neighbouring communities, other levels of government and community organizations.

We are committed to hearing from our community. We invite you to take the opportunity to review the following pages that outline the proposed Strategic Actions and provide your feedback no later than March 28, 2015, by using one or more of the following options:

Phone: 519-759-4150 ext. 2340
Mail: Mayor’s Office
City of Brantford
100 Wellington Square,
P.O. Box 818,
Brantford, ON N3T 2M3