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Message from the Mayor

With growing demands and shrinking resources, it is important to focus our community's resources behind a common vision.

In 2006, the municipality undertook a community-based consultation process which included input from residents, businesses, community organizations and staff, and resulted in the collection of vision, goals and actions valued by this community. From this, four strategic goals evolved, providing the framework for ‘Shaping Our Future-Brantford's Community Strategic Plan' for 2006-2010. Goals established were: Economic Vitality and Innovation; High Quality of Life & Caring for All Citizens; Managed Growth & Environmental Leadership; and Excellence in Governance & Municipal Management.

City Council and staff reviewed these goals for 2010-2014 to establish priorities and action plans that would continue to work towards our community's long term desired outcomes. Our renewed strategic plan brings focus and unites the community as we work together to build a vibrant 21st century city. It creates a connection between our community, municipal government and corporate business process and practices, and responds to the community while remaining flexible, so we can anticipate and adapt to local, regional and global changes and pressures. It will provide the framework for future activities, actions, and decisions.

Making our vision a reality depends on the implementation of strategic actions that lead to achieving the goals we set. To realize this, the strategic plan requires a commitment from the entire community, City Council, staff, partners, neighbouring communities, other levels of government and community organizations.

Going forward, the Strategic plan will continue to be the foundation of the City's commitment to being an accountable, responsive government. The City of Brantford, working together with its committed, highly skilled and valued stakeholders through a shared vision, will no doubt achieve, maintain and sustain a vibrant 21st Century City that we all can be proud of.