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Soutwest Sports Complex Project

Southwest Sports Complex Project

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Thursday, February 16
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Salvation Army, Multi-purpose Room
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In response to the current and anticipated demand, in 2011, the City of Brantford together with a consultant team reviewed the design opportunities for a 36 hectares property on the north side of Shellard Lane in the Southwest area of the City. The team proposed development for residential, commercial and institutional uses as well as a fulsome recreational facility comprised of playing fields, parkland, playgrounds, picnic shelters, trails and parking. The addition of a community centre with a library, gymnasium and multi purpose rooms is also being considered.

Phase 1- Progress Continues:

During the summer months the project team have continued to make progress –completing several background studies and reports in preparation for the design development.


Surveyors have documented the site. Property lines have been defined, elevations throughout the site have been measured and the driplines of the forested areas have been documented. This important information provides the limits of the property and a high level of elevation detail for the design team to consider how excavation of soils can be balanced.


Geotechnical investigations have been completed and the development team now has a clear understanding of the subsoil conditions throughout the site. Much of the site has been found to be covered with a deep, sandy/silty loam which is perfect for farming. The material is clean with no contamination. Unfortunately the material is not ideal for the foundation of structures.

Southwest Sports Complex grounds


Environmental investigations studying flora and fauna as well as documentation of water levels and quality of water on the site are ongoing. These findings are being shared with the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) to ensure the work can be guided towards an acceptable result. Final reports are expected to be completed by the summer of 2017 and prior to construction start. The findings will be referenced as the final design is completed and recommendations will be implemented into the tender documents.


Archaeological investigations have been carried out over the summer and fall of 2016. The site has been found to be rich in artifacts in specific areas. The consulting archaeologist, working under the strict guidelines of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, will be continuing Stage 3 investigation work throughout the spring and summer of 2017.

The documentation and methods for protection of the sites, Stage 4, must be considered before construction on the site begins.


A Prime Design firm has been engaged by the City to begin the Phase l design. Their first task is to review the 2011 Neighbourhood Plan and to develop a Transitional Master Plan for the site and associated estimated costs of development. This revised concept plan will consider and incorporate the public input received to date. Another community information session will be held in early 2017 to allow residents to comment on the preferred draft plan prior to council approval . Following approval to proceed, our team of Landscape Architects, Engineers and specialists will create tender drawings and specifications for construction.. The Prime Design firm’s work will begin in the fall of 2016 and will continue throughout construction which is expected to extend into 2018.

Meetings have been held with City departments to review the project objectives and to discuss site servicing, roads and integration of the park site into the overall property development. Preliminary discussions have also taken place with staff regarding the timing for the development of a community centre and library. In addition, discussions have been held with the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB) concerning the timing for the development of a school at the site.

Shellard Lane Task Force

A task force has also been initiated and is comprised of citizen members, neighbourhood association members and Ward 1 Councillors. The task force was created to develop a phased process by which the prioritized needs of Ward 1 will be taken into consideration. Currently the Task Force is working with Staff and Consultants by providing feedback and input into the revised transitional plan and design for the site.

Southwest Sports Complex grounds

Next steps

Development of the Transitional Master Plan and an update of the overall construction costs for the updated plan are underway. This will be reviewed with Council for approval prior to proceeding with the detailed design, tender and construction of the Phase l scope of work.

The Environmental consultants will be continuing work on the Environmental investigations and providing interim reports on progress and findings.

The Archaeological consultants will be continuing with the Stage 3 investigations, which involve confirming the size of the archaeological site, evaluating the cultural heritage value and determining the necessity of Stage 4 strategies.

Project Schedule

  • Initiate work on the Transitional Master Plan programming and design - Fall 2016
  • Hold a public information session to revew the Transitional Master Plan - February 2017
  • Attend Council to secure approval to proceed with Phase I design - March/April 2017
  • Complete Environmental Impact Study - Summer 2017
  • Complete Archaeological Investigation - Summer 2017
  • General Contractor Tender Issuance - August/September 2017
  • General Contractor Award - November 2017
  • Construction Start, Preliminary grading - November/December 2017

Concept Plans

North of Shellard Neighbourhood Plan & Recreation/Sports Field concept plan PDF 3.6MB (opens new browser window)

North of Shellard Recreation/Sports Complex - General Site Map (opens new browser window)

Southwest Sports Park - Site Constraints Plan 2.3MB (with previous Master Plan 2011) (opens new browser window)

Southwest Sports Park - Site Constraints Plan 1.3MB (with revised Master Plan) (opens new browser window)

Southwest Sports Park - Revised Master Plan (opens new browser window)

Southwest Sports Park - Phasing Plan 2.4MB (opens new browser window)

More Information:

If you have questions, would like to participate in this project, or would like further information, please feel free to contact the following project team members.

Parks and Recreation Main Office
1 Sherwood Drive, Brantford ON N3T 1N3

Les Camm,
Designated Project Manager
Colliers Project Leaders
905-639-2425 ext. 252

Accessible formats and communication supports available upon request. For more information please contact, the City of Brantford Accessibility Coordinator at

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