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(COB) Cockshutt Park (map)
With plenty of fun and action lined up, this will definitely be an experience that you will remember for life! set in the beautiful CockShutt Park right in the heart of Brantford Ontario and great musicians on stage, a range of tantalizing meaty delights, plenty of fun activities for the kids, Brantford Ribfest has all this and a lot more awaiting you this year. Yes, this is because the Ribfest is continuously getting bigger and better with more great artist’s performances lined up, this festival is sure to be just the perfect cherry on top of a fabulous summer! So look for three days of non-stop entertainment by looking for the best bargain deals at our Market Place vendors. Guaranteeing a spectacular time, the Ribfest is also known to be one of Brantford Kinsmen’s biggest fundraising events! So while you indulge in great fun, you will also be contributing to a great cause!

Keep the Tasty Delights Coming

Keep your appetites on the roll ladies and gentlemen because the scrumptiously delicious delights that will be served at this Ribfest will surely make you forget all your diet schedules! Yes, the mouthwatering ribs and chicken doesn’t get better than this! With the tastiest ribs, hamburgers and BBQ platters that you’ve ever tasted along with roasted corn, blooming onions, baked potatoes, hot dogs and sizzling hot fries, this festival will surely be a heaven for all you food lovers! And if all these sizzling meaty treats awaken your dessert cravings, then you need not worry because this is also well taken care of. Indulge in the finest funnel cakes, snow cones and refreshing ice creams to satisfy those cravings. With the perfect outdoor setting and the soothing sensation of the summer sun, food simply never tasted this good!

There is a lot to this happening festival than serving the best ribs in town! Yes, get ready for some great unbelievable performances by some of your favorite bands that will surely get you moving. Be a part of the thousands of Canadians and tourists from across the globe enjoying this perfect atmosphere. This year the annual Ribfest brings you Blues/Lite-Rock/Country musical lineups that you and your family will surely love! So make sure you do not miss these sensational and mind-blowing performances for a perfect weekend that you will treasure for life!

But that’s not all; the Brantford Kinsmen Ribfest is also known for exhibiting great activities for the family so while you enjoy your meaty delights and dance to music by some of the greatest bands, your family will also be having a great time and a lot more further adds to the endless entertainment options. All this and a lot more is what await you at the Brantford Kinsmen  Ribfest this year in August. So don’t think twice and be a part of this great fundraiser and also non-stop fun and action. Rain or shine, the organizers and the Kinsmen Club of Brantford welcome you to come and enjoy this thrilling weekend.

While the event is free to attend, we asks the community to contribute a donation on their way into the park. THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT

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